Phishing Sites

Hello MSguilders. We would like to warn you about websites that have been megaphoned inside the game recently and claim to be Big Bang or Tespia related but are actually phishing sites set up to steal your maplestory account information. We recommend you do not launch your game from any other website than or You can also choose to bypass the web login altogether by directly calling "GameLauncher.exe" located in your maple story folder.  

To do list

Finally I have some free time to dedicate to site improvements. I will list some things I have in mind to do. I might not be able to get everything done, so please let me know which features you would like to see first. Also comment if there are any other features that you would like to see.

Alien Invasion is Here!

Aliens are here and it is your duty as a Mapler and an MSGuilder to join in on the battle for survival. The OSSS needs you!

We have put up a guide to the new alien quest. It shouldn't take more then 20 minutes to do. We will update you as we get more info. Have fun and update us with your adventures!


Small Update:

Nexon prematurely released stage 2 for an hour or so. We got a small preview of whats to come. Visit our guide section to see whats in store.

[Alien Quest Guide]  (includes a small preview of next phase)

Dual Blades added to rankings

We've added the Dual Blade class to our ranking system for GMS. When you go to add your character to the site you should see the Dual Blade option in the drop down menu.  You can also edit one of your existing characters on the site so they show up as a Dual Blade, if you wish.

On the EMS side, Aran job images have been fixed and are displaying properly now.

Levellers of the week ending 2010-06-26 [auto post]

GMS 1) Arrakis43
level 51 (+33.6)
2) Thuban43
level 50 (+28)
3) LadyJosh
level 72 (+19.7)
4) ax3some1else
level 78 (+18.4)
5) SrJas
level 78 (+16.9)
EMS 1) Raikux
level 42 (+14.5)
2) iFapForYou
level 111 (+14.5)
3) ePolak
level 33 (+14)
4) GazTheBishop
level 60 (+12.8)
5) Storytime
level 71 (+11.9)

A few charts of the site

In an effort to prevent screen stretching only the first two charts are being displayed on this post.
You can see all fourteen charts at
Total number of active characters registered: 8338
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